What is the 'Stuff' in Suburban Girl Gifts and Stuff?

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Have you ever wondered, what is the stuff in our name, Suburban Girl Gifts and Stuff?  That's right, we're more than just clothing.  Aside from the jewelry, shoes, handbags, sunglass, etc., we actually have other stuff.  Check out this list of extra items we call our stuff, but disclaimer...it's forever growing and changing, to keep the excitement going.

Bath bombs




An assortment of Candles and their accessories

*Not limited to these pictures


Car and Fridge Magnets




An assortment of Cups and Mugs


Clothing Assistance 


Table Place Card Holders


Treat/Cake Toppers




Pineapple Lip Gloss




Happy Llama Magnet Clips


Anywhere Monogram charms to hang in your car, purse, etc.


We hope this opened your mind up to some of the 'stuff' that we can carry.  So if you haven't ever visited us, come soon or if you haven't been in a while, come back and see us.

 Want to see more?  Visit us at the store or on our Facebook and Instagram.

12320 Barker Cypress Rd, Ste. 900
Cypress, Texas 77429
Hours: 10-6 Mon-Sat CST
Phone:  (281)758-3636

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