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Can anybody guess the tune of a song that we had in mind when titling this blog?  Comment below!  This should be fun...

Now to the real point of this post  Our last blog, titled Tie it Out!, mentioned that we'd post another blog about doing a tuck with your shirts.  Ok, we'll admit, tucking use to be a thing, right?!  Or maybe it was always your thing and if so, great.  But tucking your shirt has really become a cute idea again.  It almost says, hey, I'm cute, sassy and not afraid to look slightly different...cause these days, it's a concept to tuck your shirt a couple of ways (and not just the full tuck).

Here we have our gray sweater.  It looks super cute as is.  The back hangs lower than the front...

...but should you want to change it up next time you wear it, try the half tuck on the front-side.

Then, take one of our sleeveless blouses...

...and give it a full frontal tuck, while leaving the back hanging down. 

We sure do hope this blog helped you think outside of the box and try something different with your pieces.  Enjoy your fashion and play around with it.  We sure are!

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