Did you survive Monday...Where's the Coffee?

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If you are like most of America, you stayed up late Sunday to watch the Super Bowl game and then drug all day Monday.  Well, today is Tuesday and you may still feel the need to bathe in a tub full of coffee.  Or you're like the rest of us who are dreading the start of another lonnnnnng week ahead and the only thing to get you through today is COFFEE!  Well, I may have went a little overboard on the coffee memes below, but come on...they were too funny and we all need a little side of chuckle with our coffee cup.

I did, however, do something a little more productive and found some cool ideas of how you can organize and display your coffee cups!  We have some cute ones in the store currently and thought we'd hook you up with some ideas of how to add to collection.

First....the mugs currently in stock right now

Now...the pinterest ideas

Well, did you enjoy the memes and did they help to brighten your morning along with your cup of coffee?  Comment below if you are going to try and do a fun DIY project to display your mugs.



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