Do You Love to Repurpose? Check out these Paddywax Candles!

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Do You Love to Repurpose?  Check out these Paddywax Candles!

Ok, so let's first talk about the unique fragrance of these candles.  That's what we normally go to right away, is the smell of the candles, right?!  You will quickly tell the difference of these aromas and how they set themselves apart and above from your ordinary bath and body stores.  Then to top it off, Paddywax has gone and put their candles in appealing patterned bowls that can be and should be repurposed to do keep around your home.

After enjoying the purpose of the candle to the end, here's a few ideas of how you can repurpose the super trendy bowl...

*Plant a succulent or flower in it*

*Use it as a jewelry holder*

*Pour some coffee or spoon some ice cream in it, or even better yet, eat some cereal out of it.*

There are numerous possibilities with repurposing these beautiful bowls.  Stop by the store and check out one of the various fragrances that we sell and then let us know what YOU will be recycling the bowl into.

For tips on how to clean out the candle wax, the Spruce Crafts give you steps.

Our current stock in the store comes in 2 sizes, small for $22 and large for $32, with the following scents:

Passion Fruit & Guava
Black Coconut & Amber
Vetiver & Vanilla
Earl Grey & Lavendar
Jasmine & Bamboo
Sea Salt & Sage
Pink Pepper & Pamela

 Want to see more?  Visit us at the store or on our Facebook and Instagram.

12320 Barker Cypress Rd, Ste. 900
Cypress, Texas 77429
Hours: 10-6 Mon-Sat CST
Phone:  (281)758-3636

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