6 Fun Ways to Tie your Long Beaded Necklaces

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Hello Suburban Girlians!  This blog is going to help you open your mind to the fact that there's more than 1 way to use those long beaded necklaces you have.  And if you don't have any (or not enough), our store has several to choose from.

6 Fun Ways to Tie your Long Beaded Necklaces

1.  Loop the necklace twice and layer it with a longer, different colored one...

2.  Loop the necklace once around your neck for the chocker and long length layer.  FYI, chockers ARE back in style...

3.  In addition to the chocker, now add a knot with the remaining length of the necklace...

4.  Try the knot at your neck, to make a knotted chocker look...

5.  Put one looped chocker and layer it with a knotted look...

6.  Now take all that you have learned and play around the layers, knots and loops.  Here we layered 3 necklaces and added one knot in the middle.

Our store has a variety of colors, sizes and stones, including Crystal and Natural Stone.  Lengths range from 29-46 inches and prices are $20-25.  Call our store or come check them out today to pair with anything you're wearing.

 Want to see more?  Visit us at the store or on our Facebook and Instagram.

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Cypress, Texas 77429
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  • KImberly HAmpton on

    I like the long necklace ideas. I wear long necklaces. Thank you!

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